From fortress to fortress - Nové Zámky - Komárno


This cycling program connects two famous fortresses, which can be conveniently completed in one day, while also seeing the sights of Nové Zámky, Kolárovo, and Komárno. You can visit the Danube region Museum in Komárno, the Europe Place and even the thermal bath in Komárno. In Kolárovo there is a watermill.

Nové Zámky has a rich past and there are several historical monuments such as:

The Franciscan church and monastery is an important architectural monument. The construction of its oldest parts dates back to the years 1626 to 1631. It underwent many reconstructions and today serves as accommodation for the clergy of the Franciscan order.

The Ján Thain Museum is named after a local painter, historian, and collector of folk art. The museum deals with research and documentation of the Nové Zámky region.

The statue of the Holy Trinity was built in 1749. In 1740, the plague swept in Nové Zámky, and after the danger passed, the inhabitants had a statue of the Holy Trinity made. It is currently located on Main Square.

The Fortress of Nové Zámky was demolished in 1724. Most of the bastions still have a distinctive form that allows their location to be identified.

The Slovak Monuments Institute is located in the Imperial Bastion (NW).

The Synagogue is located in the Czech bastion (NE).

There is Zámčan, Sporiteľňa (Savings Bank) in Ernest's bastion (N).

Calvary is located in the Forgách's bastion (SE).

There is waterworks in Friedrich's bastion (W).

There are buildings in Žerotín's bastion (S).

Length: 41.99 km
Difficulty:  2
Surface quality: Other: 100% (41.99 km)
Total ascending: 351 m
Total descending: 351 m