Mobil app for the Danube region

Download our app and explore the charm of Danube region

The GUIDE @ HAND Podunajsko-Dunamente is a mobile application that lets visitors discover the charm of the Danube region. It's now available on Google Play and in the IOS AppStore

Main services:
The GUIDE@HAND application has multilingual function running on smart phones and tablets. The most practical services are:

  • availability on the mobile platforms (iOS and Android),
  • the contents and information provided by the system can be downloaded in advance, therefore, the visitors do not have to pay for the Internet,
  • recommending news, events and useful information,
  • displaying useful places on the map,
  • usage of offline or online interactive maps and GPS (outdoors),
  • multilingual, thematic guided walks,
  • possibility to discover attractions,
  • offline tour guide using thematic databases,
  • sharing experiences and presenting them on the Web,