Komárno - Iža - Patince - Komárno


This round trip can be completed in almost 9 hours.

The bicycle tour takes you on a marked, built bike path. If you want to divide it into several sections, it is recommended to book an accommodation in Patince and return to Komárno next day. Then there will be time to admire the ruins of the Roman fortress of Kelemantia in Iža and the museum in the center of the village, and there will be an opportunity to have a bath time in the Spa Patince in summer or relax in the Wellness Hotel Patince**** in autumn and spring.

Komárno offers many attractions. The most famous is the Fortress of Komárno, which was the largest and strongest fortification system of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Another curiosity is the Europa Place, which presents the architecture of 45 countries and regions.

Length: 34.95 km
Difficulty:  3
Surface quality: Other: 100% (34.95 km)
Total ascending: 232 m
Total descending: 230 m