Komárno - Kravany nad Dunajom


The unique Eurovelo 6 cycle route takes you along the beautiful surroundings of the Danube between Komárno and Kravany nad Dunajom. We also recommend the trip for families, because there are no hills on this route, which is why they are suitable for children as well as for seniors.

Kelemantia - the Roman camp

The first break we recommend to be village Iža, which is located on this road 5 km from Komárno. During the ride (4.8km from Komárno) there is Kelemantia - the Roman camp. Near the dam in Iža is Kelemantia - Roman and Ethnographic Museum. For refreshment, we recommend you, try the best ice cream far and wide, which is located 200 meters from the museum.

Kelemantia - Roman and Ethnographic Museum

You can continue along the dam to Patince, which is located 14 km from Komárno. Patince is located at the southernmost point of Slovakia. There is a port of Marina, where you have opportunity to sightseeing cruises, mainly on the route Patince - Moča and back. The whole cruise takes about 1 hour. For more information contact the port by phone: 00421 907 161 514 or 00421 918 703 069 or Wellness Hotel Patince**** 00421 357 908 500. Finally in Patince there is a Wellness Hotel Patince **** (https://www.wellnesspatince.sk), thermal spa and swimming pools ( http://www.patincekupalisko.sk) and accommodation in cottages or in smaller hotels.

Wellness Hotel Patince ****

Sightseeing boat from port Marina

Another option where you can stop along the way is Radvaň nad Dunajom, where the Monument of Žitava Peace is located. The Peace of Žitava was a peace treaty concluded in 1606 between the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Monarchy. Peace is called according to the river Žitava, where the contract was signed, in the place of today's village Radvaň nad Dunajom. The Peace of Žitava ended the fifteen-year war. Radvaň nad Dunajom is located only 2 km from Patiniec and 16 km from Komárno.

The Monument of Žitava Peace

It is also possible to stop in the village of Moča, where is 6 km from Radvaň nad Dunajom and 22 km from Komárno located. Moča is a well-known village where the Burčiak (alcoholic grape cider) festival is held. It is also worth visiting the Museum of Folk Culture, which assesses the ethnic values of this region, where it is necessary to register in advance on tel. number: 00421 905 936 774 or 00421 905 936 782. The village of Moča is also associated with the hungarian poet Csokonai and his muse Lilla, where her statue is located. It is interesting to know that Lila's husband was from Moča.

Statue of Lilla

A beautiful stop on the bike path is the village of Kravany nad Dunajom, where is 27 km from Komárno located. There is a lookout tower, from where you have the opportunity to see a beautiful panorama of the surroundings. In Kravany nad Dunajom there is also an educational trail, which presents attractions on the Danube coast in a section of 1.5 km, together on 10 boards. In this village, you can take a boat across the Danube to the Hungarian village called Lábatlan. When you decide to return from Kravany, it is worth to relax there, the view of the Danube panorama is unique. During the summer time, it is possible to go to the shore of the Danube, where you can swim or sunbathe. There is also a church in this village, which was built during Roman times and it is definitely worth to be visited. There is also a nature park along the dam. Kravany nad Dunajom also calls the village of mansions, because many aristocratic families built mansions and manors here.

You may continue the bike tour on the Hungarian side or continue till Štúrovo.

The lookout tower

Length: 39.89 km
Surface quality: Other: 100% (39.89 km)
Total ascending: 123 m
Total descending: 117 m