The statue of Lilla


It is the work of the sculptor Gyula Mag from the year 2009. The statue is a memory of Csokonai´s love, Lilla. She got to the village Moča through her second marriage. Lilla did not live a happy life, she had no children. After the death of her first husband, in the age of 64 she married Michael Végh, the local priest from Moča.

She lived in this village several years and then she moved back to Hungary, Dunaalmás. On her death-bed in the age of 79, her last wish was to pull on the ring from the poet Csokonai to her finger and to bury her with his collection of poems. And so it happened. On her gravestone stands only the name: Lilla because she wished to become his bride after her death.

946 37 Moča Kostolná