The Evangelical Church


The foundation stone of the Evangelical church in Iža was laid and consecrated on July 19, 1997, at a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the settlement of Slovaks relocated from the Great Plain. The building was designed by the Schwartz couple, the chief architect was Ivica Schwartz, an architect.

A year later, in 1998, members of a local faith church in Minnesota, with the help of their friends, laid the foundations of the church. The walls of the church were built in 1999, and the roof structure was completed. The construction was carried out by the engineer company Iván Orság from Izsa, H&O Construction. The work was actively assisted by the municipality of Izsa, the diocese and the American, German, Dutch and Hungarian brethren, together with members of the local faith church. If needed, they helped with manual work, but also with fundraising. Then, unfortunately, the financial resources were exhausted, they were forced to suspend the construction of the church. In 2010, the back wall of the church was enriched with a painting created by painters Péter Mester and Pál. The painting depicts scenes from the New and Old Testaments. The construction of the church was finally completed thanks to the financial support of the Gustav Adolf Werk Association in Germany. In the church is the consecrated foundation stone with the inscription “Glory to God in the height”. The same inscription can be found above the entrance of the large Lutheran church in Békéscsaba.

On June 16, 2012, Milan Krivda, Bishop of the Western District, solemnly consecrated the church. In addition to the guests, the event was attended by the highest representatives of the church and the leaders of the village of Izsa. Following the consecration, the church was taken over with great joy, and worship is still held here by members of the Evangelical faith church in Iža.


Foto: László Szeder, Wikipedia

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