Europe Place


At the end of the 20th century, the Europe Place was established in connection with the Zichy Palace. The Court presents the architecture of 45 countries and regions, the design and construction of which are named after the architects Nándor Litomericzky, Péter Takács and Péter Varga. The inner park of the Zichy Palace is connected to the new square by the Matthias Gate. The gate is one of the dominant structures of the square, which with its shape and colors evokes buildings built during the reign of King Matthias.

The west side of the square is bordered by the Estonian, Finnish, Belgian, Dutch, Frisian, Norwegian, Danish, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Houses. There is also a House in San Marino, a Romanian, a Czech and a Slovak House. The German House is the only one that is not new, but the oldest building in the city. In the courtyard there is a Sculpture gallery “Europe”, which presents the monarchs and famous historical figures. From time to time, outdoor events await those interested in the cozy square, but it is also worth visiting the space during a quieter period, because it exudes a great atmosphere.

The Europe Place in Komárno belongs to modern monuments in the Danube Region. It is an unusual collection of buildings typical of many European countries.