The Franciscan church and monastery


Source: Borovszky: Counties and Cities of Hungary and Nitra County (Counties and Cities of Hungary, 1899)

PAX INTRANTIBUS - peace for the arrivers

This text is written above the entrance of the Franciscan church and monastery in Nové Zámky, which was built between 1626 and 1631 and was consecrated by Péter Pázmány on 24 May 1631. Whose library once housed important codices such as the Nové Zámky, Czech, Thewrewk. Presumably, the church may have been a shorter, shingle-roofed building at that time, and the monastery was much smaller than it is today.

After Nové Zámky fell into Turkish hands, the monastery served as an apartment for Turkish officers from 1663, and the church was used as a warehouse, and the church tower was converted into a minaret. During these times, the Franciscans had to leave the monastery, but according to a surviving document, they could "beg for peace", staying with the people. After Nové Zámky fell into Hungarian hands again, after 1685 the church and monastery were renovated and consecrated by Péter Sorman, the Franciscan general of Milan.

The next major expansion and renovation took place at the end of the 19th century. The monastery was damaged several times by wars in the 20th century. The baroque decoration and the former baroque inscriptions were all lost.

The complete renovation and archaeological excavation of the monastery began in 1978. Archaeological excavations have found the original gate for the carriages to drive into the courtyard as well as the crypt under the church where the residents of the town hall and the monastery were buried. Today, the monastery partly serves as an exposition of the city's Museum of National History, partly as an accommodation space for the Franciscan clergy.



- Borovszky Samu: Magyarország vármegyéi... 1899.


Foto: Wikipédia, Péter Pogány

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