Important people

György Széchényi (1605 - 1695)

The Archbishop of Esztergom issued a privileged document on October 29, 1691, which promoted Nové Zámky to a town. A duplicate of the deed of granting municipal privileges can be found at the municipal office. His oversized statue stands on the Main Square. The Franciscan monastery is decorated with a memorial plaque to György Széchényi.

Gergely Czuczor (1800 - 1866)

Benedictine monk, Hungarian poet, linguist. He was a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, born in the nearby village of Andovce. In 1966, he placed his bust in front of the Csemadok building. The only Hungarian language school in the city bears his name.

Ján Majzon (1849 - 1921)

Slovak national awakener, collector of folk songs. In the city center, it is named after Majzon Square, which is decorated with his bust.

(Source: wikipédia)

Ján Thain (1885-1953)

Ethnographer, painter, collector, and founder of the first museum in the city. He worked for 36 years at the Nové Zámky grammar school as a professor of art (drawing).

Lajos Kassák (1887 - 1967)

A native of Nové Zámky, an artist of European format, a leading representative of avant-garde art, publisher, editor, writer, revolutionary. The E. Zmeták Art Gallery houses a permanent exhibition donated by his wife Klára Kassáková, opened in 2004. The life-size statue of L. Kassák on Banskobystrická Street symbolizes his efforts to open the door to the world for the town of Nové Zámky.

Ernest Zmeták (1919 - 2004)

A native of Novozámok, an academic painter, donor, and founder of the Art Gallery. He was one of the most important people of Slovak art life. In the gallery, there is a permanent exhibition of works 16.-20. century.

Lajos Luzsicza (1920 - 2005)

A native of Nové Zámky, a local patriot, an honorary citizen of the town, an academic painter, and a writer. His paintings radiated a warm relationship to his homeland.