The statue of the Holy Trinity


In 1740, a plague swept through Nové Zámky. After the danger passed, the population made a statue of the Holy Trinity from limestone, which is still standing today, and was completed in 1749. This group of artistic Baroque sculptures is decorated with Rococo elements that give a picture of the standard of contemporary public space sculpture. The group of sculptures was renovated and relocated several times (1827, 1876, 1929), last restored in 1993, and then moved back to the main square. The statue was last consecrated in October 1993.

The statue and the Hotel Golden Lion in 1902, Source:

In the middle of the column, decorated with plant motives, on the facade, stands the Immaculate Virgin Mary on a globe surrounded by a snake. On the axes of the pedestal are the standing sculptures of St. Sebestyén, St. Roch, and St. Joseph. In the middle of the pedestal, behind the iron lattice, is the figure of St. Rosalia.

The statue on the old postcard, Source:

Inscriptions on three richly decorated boards on the pedestal:

“Restui veteri que empus sprevi honori 1876” (May be honored to those who hope in trust in eternity 1876)

"Quae devotam tibi constans perduret in aevum 1875" (Which holds faithfully and strongly in heaven, 1875)

“Hanc triadi posvere plebis piavolta colummnam 1740” (Raised by His God-fearing Life, 1740)


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