Kravany nad Dunajom - Búč - Moča - Kravany nad Dunajom


This nearly 2-hour bicycle tour will take you to unique places.

The cycling program starts from the lookout tower in Kravany nad Dunajom.

The next stop is Búč, where you need a pre-registration at the Dollmuseum, in advance if you want to visit it.

From here, the road takes you to Moča, to the former residence of Lilla, the big love of the hungarian writer Mihály Csokonai Vitéz. Here we can return to our starting station, Kravany nad Dunajom, on the EUROVELO6 cycle path.

The program can be completed by the visiting the lookout tower or just admiring the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary, but if you are tired, you can even end your day on one of the sunbeds with the "pictures" of the Danube cinema.

The road takes you on relatively low-traffic sections, but it’s worth paying attention to the traffic!

Length: 21.76 km
Difficulty:  2
Surface quality: Other: 100% (21.76 km)
Total ascending: 188 m
Total descending: 192 m