The Reformed Church


The year of construction of the Reformed church is 1871. It has a rectangular floor plan and its interior is distinguished by its puritanism: benches, pulpit, lord's table and harmonium. Iron pillars hold the ceiling. Its windows are finished with a semicircle.

Among the plaques in the temple are the memorial plaque to the victims of World War I. The Heroic Dead of the Isaac Reformed Church in World War I broke out in 1914, with the inscription: “Dear holy dead far away abroad, let your heads win a worthy crown ”.

The other plaque was made in memory of the victims of World War II in 1938-45. The names are followed by the following inscription: Whether we live or die, we are the Lord. Rome 14.8. With grace and love, the ref. Church Izsa, 1975.

The third tablet reads: October 31, 1517-1917, to the centenary of the restoration of the Holy Trinity, the Eternal Church of the Eternal True God, to my original foundation: No one can lay any foundation other than the one taken once, which is Jesus Christ I, Age 3.11. Inscription on the marble plate of his master's table: Made by Miklós Tóth in 1887.

The support columns of the gallery can also be made of marble, but they are painted.


Foto: László Szeder, Wikipedia

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