Statue of Pál Pathó


He was born into a noble family on June 7, 1795 in Mužla, Slovakia. His father was János Pathó, his mother was Borbála Németh. He was registered as Péter Pathó Pál. One of his brothers is known, Ignác, who was born in 1788.

He married twice, first married with Terézia Menyhárt in 1818, then Erzsébet Varga in 1843 after the death of Terézia, both in Svodín. From his first wife, his first son was, Ferdinand Pató, he was born in the sixteenth year of their marriage. From his two wives until 1852, child blessings were received six more times.

He was the deputy judge of Esztergom county and the clerk of the village of Svodín. In 1848 he was the organizer of the local national guard.

He died on April 28, 1855, in a pneumonia chest in Svodín. His grave can be viewed at the local cemetery.

In his poem, written in November 1847, Sándor Petőfi created the example of Pál Pathó, in which he depicts an indifferent commonplace.


Foto: Portrait of Pál Pathó, drawing by Ádám Ajtony Ponori Thewrewk

Grave of Pál Pathó and Örzsébet Wargha in Svodín, Ádám Ajtony Ponori Thewrewk

94354 Svodín Maďarskosvodínska cesta 1225