Calvinist church


The church was built in Classicistic style, they started to build it in March 1787, and already in September 1788 it was consecrated. The tower was built in 1832 from stone, and it was the highest point at that time in the town (63 m).

During the siege of the town in 1849, the tower was used as an artillery observation post. The church was designed for 2460 believers.

The organ was made by John Bohák form Vienna.

Behind the church we can see the restored Komárno Gate of the Fort of Nové Zámky.

In the courtyard we can see precious headstones from the 18th and 19th centuries.

A memorial plaque, which was placed in the church in 1922, commemorates to the fallen of this religion in World War I.

Electric lighting was installed in the church in the early 1930s. At that time, a wrought iron chandelier, the work of András Török, came to the center of the church.

The church was last restored in the 1970s, when the star on the 63 m high tower was also gilded.