The Statue of Archbishop Juraj Széchényi


Archbishop Juraj Széchényi (1592–1695) was a religious writer, the founder of monasteries, the Archbishop of Esztergom, and the Hungarian primates, who granted Nový Zámky city privileges on 29th of October 1691. He studied in Trnava and in Vienna. Later on, he took care of the education of the priests. Gradually he was Chadian, caring, Bishop of Veszprém, Archbishop of Györ and Kaloč, and finally from 21st of March 1685 Archbishop of Esztergom. He died on January 18, 1969, in Prešporek (today Bratislava). His remains are stored the Cathedral of St. Martin. The author of the sculpture is Tibor Szilágyi.

Source and Foto:

940 02 Nové Zámky Kraskova