The former mansion of the family Bottka


Today's Mary area was bought around 1880 by dr. Gyula Szőke is a professor from Budapest and he built a small mansion as a summer residence. The village and its surroundings were the favorite summer residence of many famous personalities, and their summer residences were also honored by the presence of other famous personalities. All this is obviously due to the charm and attractiveness of nature.

In 1929, Pál Bottka and his wife, Ilona Esküdt, bought the estate and the mansion from the Szőkés and rebuilt it to its present form by adding terraces. The family comes from Mártonfalva near Verebély, but in 1952 they confiscated their property and could only use one room. In 1990, the family got their property back and wants to renovate the dilapidated building, which the state estate didn’t care about at all, in a romantic style. Rectangular one-storey building with a high hinged roof. Balustrade terraces were built for the building in 1929 along the narrower facades. One of the annexes is storey, the other is now covered. The simple facades of the building are divided by rectangular windows, an eyebrow ledge runs around the old part of the mansion and has an accentuated plinth. The portal of the entrance gates is made of pink marble.

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