Statue of Cyril and Metod


Cyril and Metod (or Constantine and Metod) were brothers from Greece who spread the gospel to the Slavonian people. The two apostles of the christian East who are also saint-patrons of Europe are respected on the East and West too.

The 4 m high statue of the two Byzantine converts is the work of the sculptor Ladislav Berák, who moved from the facade of the Matica slovenská headquarters to its current location in July 2010. The book held in Metod's hands is the "Proglas" in the Glagolitic alphabet - a poetic preface to the gospel.

It is located on Kossuth Square. This place was not selected at random. It is supposed to carry the symbolism of the cooperation of a united Europe, because it is located at the crossroads of roads from Bratislava, Budapest and Nové Zámky. It aroused enthusiasm and pride among Slovaks, because the Cyril-Methodical belongs to the basic pillars of Slovakia.

945 01 Komárno Kossuthovo námestie