Village Museum


We can see an excellent etnographic and regional collectionin this Museum, and according to the interest the exhibition can be completed also with interactive programs. The visitors can discover the colourful and rich world of the old peasant culture. When we see the material and spiritual products of our folk culture, there opens a world where the people lived in a real community-spirit, next to each other in near relationships, helping and reliant to each other, where they respected one another. We can follow the values they created by their hands, nothing went into waste. The culture of the old village community truly shows the enormous, former value of the family because young people acquired their future crafts prevailingly within the frame of their families. We can say, that they were born into the traditions, everybody had his intended place and tasks. The order of life determined the activities from day to day, from one season to another. If we go through the rooms we obtain information about the means of farming, traditions of our ancestors, we can follow the village-development, the fight of the village people for their survival.

The present exhibition deals with four themes:

  • The development of the population and the village history
  • Important personalities of the village
  • The „ship-mills“, millars on the River Danube
  • Destinies of the villeins

The ethnographic objects and the documents researching the village history exposed in the Moča Village Museum belong to our national cultural heritage. They are the sources of historical research and traditions which conserve real values. The visitors are invited to see with their own eyes how a small village takes care of its traditions and customs, how cerafully protects the heritage of its ancestors and how proud is of their material and spiritual memory, because it realises that only these values can become its saving power.