The Monument to the victims of World War I.


Next to the Catholic church is a monument to those who fell in World War I. Its inscription: “It was erected in memory of the heroes of Iža who fell in World War I in 1914 ″, and the names of the heroes. The base is rectangular, with four small cornices on the pedestal and four cannonball sculptures made of stone at the four corners. Instead of a crucifix, there is a cross without the body of Jesus, with an ornate flowerpot made of artificial stone on top. Interestingly, on the four walls of the base column, the names of the heroes are scattered every year, from 1914 to 1920. The monument is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence with a small gate. Created by J. Polvár, a stonemason from Komárno.


Foto: László Szeder, Wikipedia

94639 Iža Ďatelinová