The calvary was built in 1779 on the embankment of the Forgách bastion at the tip of the hexagonal fortification. It was founded by pastor Martin Predmerzsky. There are twelve symmetrically arranged chapels, a cross, and statues created in the neo-baroque style. From the gate, built in 1923, stone steps lead to Golgotha. Behind it is the chapel of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows and the chapel of the Holy Sepulcher. In 2011, a memorial plaque dedicated to Count Adam Forgách, Captain of Nové Zámky, was unveiled at the entrance to the complex. Since 1963, Calvary has been registered in the list of national cultural monuments.

Opening hours:Summertime: May 1 - September 30 daily 8:00 - 20:00

Wintertime: October 1 - April 30 daily 8:00 - 16:00

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940 02 Nové Zámky Forgáchova Bašta 21/17