Statue of the Hungarian writer, Mór Jókai


It is the work of Gyula Berecz from 1936 and is a remembrance of the greatest Hungarian romantic writer, who was born on 18. 02. 1825. in Komárno. The statue stands in front of The Danube-Region Museum.

The idea of erecting a sculpture arose immediately after the writer's death (1904), and financial collection began in 1906 at the request of the Komárno Newspapers. However, the money raised was floated on the military loan, and later, for political reasons, they could not erect a statue. Finally, in 1936, the Czechoslovak authorities authorized another collection, this time the necessary amount was collected in one year. The bronze statue was cast in Prague, and its pedestal was made of Haraszti limestone by Viktor Komáromi. Its foundation stone was laid on June 20, 1937, and its ceremonial handover (at which the then Czechoslovak Prime Minister, Milan Hodža, also spoke) was on November 28. After 1945, this statue was also removed, but was the first of the demolished statues to return to its original location in 1952.