Old Benedictine Collage


It is a group of baroque buildings built by the Jesuits in the 17th century. Later it was rebuilt by the Benedictine order in the 19th century andfurther functioned as a religious house and a high school. There was a hospital in the biuldings through the Napoleon-wars.

After the II. World War here was a vocational school-college. It belongs to the Pannonhalma Abbey, Hungary at the moment and functions as a Benedictine monastery.

On the front side of the building there is a memorial- table containing the names of some former great Benedictine teachers. Among the several significantly talented teachers and students belonged for example the pedagogues Dávid Baróti Szabó, who was a member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kolos Vaszary and the historian Zoltán Szénássy. Talking about students we can mention Hans Selye, the elaborator of the stress-theory, the painter Árpád Feszty and the actor Attila Kaszás from the younger generation.

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