The ​Flood Monument


The water level of the Danube in the village Patince has usually been 300 cm for years. However, it reached 316 cm in March 1965. In May, the water level rose to 630-690 cm. At the end of May, it sank to 571 cm. It rose abruptly to 703 cm in mid-June. The dam couldn't take it anymore, it broke. The evacuation of residents with the help of the army began. Not everyone had a place in the first vehicles, people had to wait patiently for their turn. It so happened that the water in the houses had already reached the one-meter level when the equipment could be removed. This could only be done with a boat-pontoon. For a month and a half, the village lay quietly in the wave tomb. In Patince alone, 99 houses collapsed. Unfortunately, the flood also claimed a young human life. The Patince bath was also submerged. But with national cooperation, the wounds have healed.

In the back of the school park is the monument of this 1965 flood. On the front concrete slab is a relief of the waters of the Danube with a flower, on the back slab is the inscription: "Man for Man, Patince Village after the Danube Disaster of 1965, Senec District, Hodonin and East Prague Districts".


Foto: László Szeder, Wikipedia

94639 Patince Dunajský rad