Statue of Anton Bernolák


Anton Bernolák was an important Slovak Roman Catholic priest and linguist. He was born on October 3, 1762, in Slanice na Orave in a peasant family and died on January 15, 1813, in Nové Zámky. From 1797 he was a pastor in Nové Zámky. At the same time, he also worked here as the dean of the Nové Zámky ecclesiastical district and the administrator of the town school. He became known and recognized as the first codifier of the literary Slovak language, he is the author of a 6-volume five-language Slowár.

Since its unveiling in 1937, this 3.5-meter-high bronze statue has been relocated several times. In 1938 it was taken to Žilina, in 1946 it was returned to Nové Zámky and built on the Main Square in front of the Town Hall. In 1966 it was relocated to the premises of Bernolák Park and since November 2005 it has been standing again on the Main Square. The author of the work is the academic sculptor Jozef Pospíšil.

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940 02 Nové Zámky Hlavné námestie 10