Church of the Assumption


This Roman Catholic church is the centre of religional life and its most important monument built in baroque style. It was sanctificated in the year 1799 in honour of Virgin Mary. It was damaged during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1957. Its interior was renewed in the years 1968 and at the end of the 80´s. The height of the church is fascinating and the inhabitants are very poud of the beauty of its interior. The tower of the church was originally 60 m high. It got a church-clock in the year 1837. The building is overhanging above its surroundings, the high tower can be seen from a long distance so it is an important orientation point of the neighborhood. The retreating German units had blew it up on 28. 03. 1945 together with Saint Michael´s Church.

Its tower and the church-clock, which was indispensable for the people, were damaged. The people living in the village saved the church, they protected the roof and the tower from the rain and other damages for years. So the injuries were not so fatal, as in the case of the small church. The restoration of the damaged parts was finished in the year 1957 with a significant state support and help of local inhabitants. The tower became 10 m lower as originally and this breaks the harmony of the building. The clock is also missing. According to an older document dealing with the history of local Church there was a chapel and a Calvary on the front hill before. There was also a wooden cross in front of the entrance which had been replaced by a stone cross in the year 1710. The statues of the Virgin Mother and the Evangelis Saint John were placed here later. The three artworks are probably the survivals of the former Calvary, first mentioned in the year 1761. The metal fence around the buildig and its stone-groundwork were made during the last years of 19th century. The interior of the church was renovated in the year 1987.

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