Statue of the Stone Virgin


The symbol of the castle in its present form probably came to the Madonna bastion sometime in the 18th century. Over the time, it was damaged to such an extent that it had to be removed from there. This original statue can still be found in the Danube Museum. Based on this, an authentic copy of the stone Virgin was made by the sculptor Vladimír Višváder.

The girl holds a laurel wreath in her hand and there is a Latin inscription - which symbolises the invincibility of the Fortress: "NEC ARTE NEC MARTE" under the statue, which means: Neither by trick nor by force.

The statue is to depict a girl who decided to set fire to a Turkish camp during the Turkish siege of the Fortress. Thanks to her help, the imperial soldiers finally managed to defend the Fortress and expel the Turks from Komárno.