Relax komplex Nové Zámky


Nové Zámky boasts an indoor swimming pool, which offers complete services. The indoor pool can be found in a large glass building on Turecká Street No. 3. The former city spa has existed since 1964. In the early 1990s, the city decided to completely reconstruction. In January 1996, the renovated premises of the city spa were opened under the new name Relax complex.

The building belongs to the administration of Novovital in Nové Zámky. The entire left wing of the building is rented by private businesses, who operate a massage, a hairdresser, a nail studio and a travel agency in these areas. There is also a fitness center, sauna. In the right wing of the building there is a possibility to get a good time in the pool, which is fully occupied ten months a year.

The capacity of the pool is most used in the winter months, when people from the city and surrounding villages will visit the Relax complex. No wonder, because the environment in which the pool is located is really exemplary. Around the pool under large glass windows, visitors can enjoy the view of the many vibrant flowers, dominated by majestic palm trees, while relaxing in the pool. The environment of the indoor swimming pool is nice and pleasant.

The relaxation pool has a depth of 60 cm and the swimming pool reaches a max. depth 180 cm. The safety of visitors is supervised throughout the day by professional lifeguards.

There is a sauna, massagen and infrasauna too.