Ecofarm Ostrov


Lél Park is located on the Veľkolél Island, near the village of Zlatná na Ostrove. It is about 15 kilometers from Komárno.
It is easily accessible by road, on the bike path, but also for those who choose the waterway. The island is more than 3 km long and covers an area of 250 hectares and is a protected ecosystem. Today it is one of the last large islands of the Danube River, located on the Slovakian section.

- horse riding
- Picnic in a beautiful nature
- horseback riding (Upon prior arrangement)
- camping (shared kitchen, rest room)
- buffet
- class trips, camps
- Interactive exhibition
- cycling trail (Eurovelo 6)
- Water tourism
- venue for events: workshops, conferences, events

+421 948 104 665
946 12 Zlatná na Ostrove Záhrady pri Dunaji 9064, dom č. 835 946 12 Zlatná na Ostrove