City park


There are two monuments in the city park.

1. MEMORY OF TWO WORLD WARS AND HOLOCAUS VICTIMS, which was created by Tibor Szilágyi.


It is the work of sculptor Gyula Bartusz and it was placed to the current location in 1993. The rock is a commemoration of the first written reference of our town. This monument was unveiled on the 310th anniversary of the Battle of Párkány.

The crest of Párkány/Štúrovo it is made up of a gothic gate with two blue fields, which symbolize the confluence of two rivers, the Hron and the Danube. The rooster´s pentagonal rowel symbolize the five biggest conflagrations (1529, 1532, 1543, 1595, and 1683).

943 01 Štúrovo Námestie Slobody – mestský park